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Asset Management for Professionals, Inc.


AMP's Quantfolios, Quantitative Portfolios, provide our clients with investment choices to match their goals and risk tolerance.

We have developed a proprietary asset management program using a more precise approach to investing.  We follow a disciplined process to help our clients grow portfolios for greater financial security.  We don't attempt to predict or time the market, we manage money.

We offer three investment strategies to meet your financial goals:

Risk Based Mutual Fund Quantfolio
Rising Dividend Equity Portfolio

Income Generating Portfolio

Our Strategies follow the following principals:

Research - The Fundamental Scorecard

  • Utilize our Fundamental Scorecard to evaluate risk and reward to select investments
  • Repeat across all asset classes

Analysis - The EcoMatrix®

  • Apply quantitative analysis of economic and financial market indicators
  • Perform a systematic review of global and market risk

Diversification - Build a Diversified Portfolio

  • Determine asset allocation
  • Assemble portfolios with diversified assets to reduce volatility (risk) and a desired level of return.